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Welcome to the Gardening Central website! We have information on gardens, trees, flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables, and more. The following are some interesting gardening facts:

Did you know that...

The bat plant grows in the spring and summer and at that time needs to have a lot of regular watering.

Dwarf trees can be grown in pots and this is an extremely popular technique.

A gardenia is actually considered to be a shrub, an evergreen, and it has very dark green, glossy leaves.


Growing eggplant is not an easy task but one which is very rewarding when your harvest is ready to be picked.

Growing horseradish is very simple. All you have to do is get your root cutting, dig a hole that is big enough for the cutting to stand up, and replace the dirt around the plant.

Hazelnut trees come in two distinct varieties, and the African filbert bush is one of them.

The most popular deciduous hedge shrubs are lilac bushes, forsythia bushes and rose of sharon.

One of the peculiarities of the hornbeam tree is the shape of its trunk, often described as muscular.

In addition to the pretty and hardy nature of the plant, the marigold flower is also considered to be a beneficial herb.

Perennial hibiscus can grow in USDA zones three through nine, which covers a lot of temperature ranges.

Texas sage propagates well if you grow it in a sphagnum peat and perlite mix of about half and half.